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Mike Morrison, equipment manager, U.S. Concrete, watches over a fleet of 21 wheel loaders. The company recently acquired a pair of John Deere loaders with automatic lubrication systems factory installed.

"They have been saving us money since we put the machines in place," he says.

Operators are required to service the machines every day, which includes manual greasing. "That takes 15 to 30 minutes every time you get out of the cab," says Morrison. "You are looking at five hours a week to service that machine. Of that, probably two or two and a half hours a week is going to be physically greasing the machine."

With the automatic lubrication system, the operators don’t have to spend time manually greasing the machine, so they get more done in the same time frame. 

"Plus the life expectancy of all the greased points is going to be at least tripled, because even the best trained loader operators aren’t going to lube that machine as adequately or as often as they should," Morrison says.

Taken from an article published in Equipment Today, January 2002. Original article written by Curt Bennink, Editor.