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Anthony Avila, Anthony’s Laser Leveling, has been using automatic lubrication systems for almost three years. Based in Fresno County, CA. Anthony’s Laser Leveling is an earthwork and demolition contractor that has grown twenty-fold since it began in 1980. Part of the company’s success may be attributed to a strict maintenance program.

When Avila first saw the automatic lubrication systems at a local farm show, he says, "It just clicked in my mind that this made absolute sense."

When employees were manually greasing the tractors, there was a tendency to over-grease. With the automatic lubrication system, the joint stays wet all day and you actually use less grease throughout the season. "A little grease all day is better than a lot of grease once a day," Avila reports. The main objective — increased component life — has been achieved. "The pivot point on the tractors is lasting a lot longer."

He first installed the automatic lubrication system on 375-hp Case IH fourwheel-drive articulated tractors used to pull scrapers in the company’s earthmoving operation. Prior to the automated lube system, Avila had to rebush a steering assembly (the articulated bushing) on a Case tractor about every 6,000 hours. Since installation of the automatic lubrication system, the company has not had to rebush a steering assembly. "There’s hardly any sign of wear," he says.

Taken from an article published in Equipment Today, January 2002. Original article written by Curt Bennink, Editor.