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Shone Trimm, Mechanic, International Paper – New Boston Lumber Mill is responsible for the maintenance on 22 pieces of log and lumber handling equipment.  The facility began using automatic lubrication systems three years ago with their purchase of a new Caterpillar 988F log handler.

“I love the Lincoln systems.” says Trimm.  “In the past with our manual lubrication practice we would begin replacing pins and bushings on our equipment within the first two years of service.  Today we have over three years of operation on our 988F and haven’t replaced any of these components.  These systems save us thousands of dollars in repairs in a year's time.”

Prior to employing the automatic lubrication systems, the operators manually lubricated the machines once a shift.  Trimm indicates that it would typically take 15 to 30 minutes to lubricate each machine.  “In addition to the lost production and labor savings we’ve experienced, the automatic lubrication systems minimize the inherent safety hazard associated with the manual lubrication method.”

“We get tremendous service from SWESCO, our local Lincoln Distributor.”  Trimm notes.  “With the professional service they provide and the savings we’ve experienced, we will have the Lincoln systems installed on all of our new equipment from now on.”