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In 1999, Lincoln had the pleasure of interviewing Terry Green, who was at that time the director of maintenance for Southdown Concrete Products Group (since acquired by Cemex), in order to publish the results of this man's extensive research into preventative maintenance practices using Lincoln automated lubrication systems on cement trucks, semi tractor trailers and wheel loaders.

"After we began installing Quicklub systems, our component failures have decreased significantly to the point that we track them with reduced emphasis. In the past, 15% of our trucks were always down. With Lincoln Industrial's automated lubrication systems as part of our maintenance initiatives we've reduced that to 2%.

"We have Quicklub on over 240 vehicles," says Green. " The total savings amounts to 8,300 hours of mechanics time saved. Take that times $35 per hour, and that comes to $290,500 a year in labor savings alone."

Terry has moved on to another position, but he remains a loyal fan of Lincoln automated lubrication systems and their role in improving preventative maintenance practices.