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High pressure two-line automated lubrication system for grease

System Description
Two-line systems are popular around the world for their ability to supply lubricant for large applications under demanding conditions. In two-line systems, the lubricant is supplied to a change-over valve by a central pump. From there it is supplied alternately into one of the two main lines. 

See how a two-line system works. 

See how a two-line divider valve works.

The system can be operated with manual, electric or hydraulic pumps. Centralized pumping stations with lubricant container systems and PowerMaster supply pumps provide lubrication for your entire plant.

Can be combined with secondary progressive metering valves, a cost-effective method of increasing the number of lubrication points served
High-pressure capability allows small diameter tubing to be used, reducing installation and material costs
Lubricant output is easy to adjust
Each metering device gives a visual confirmation that lubricant is supplied
Electric control is available as an option.


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Two-Line Systems

Featured ProductsQuicklubCentro-Matic
Hammer PumpsGeneral Lubrication EquipmentHelios