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New Mityvac Fuel Injection Cleaning Kits
Mityvac has introduced its MV5565 and MV5570 Fuel Injection Cleaning Kits for quick, convenient and reliable fuel injector and air induction cleaning. Designed for professional service shops, the Mityvac cleaning systems use compressed air to remove and prevent fuel injector deposits, as well as loosen and dissolve carbon on the throttle plate and intake manifold and valves. Both the MV5565 and MV5570 were developed to utilize the connection hoses and adapters included with the Mityvac MV5545 FST Pro. However, the MV5565 includes a connection hose and can operate independently.

Fuel Injection Cleaning Release
Mityvac Fuel Injection Cleaning Flyer


Lincoln Offers New Upgraded Meters
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 980, 981 and 982 Electronic Lube Meters for vehicle maintenance, lube truck and industrial applications. These durable meters are upgrades to Lincoln’s popular 952, 953 and 954 models. The new meters feature a large, easy-to-read, six-digit digital display with two-decimal-point precision. The pressure rating has been increased to 1,500 PSI, and the flow capability has been improved to 8 GPM.

Meter Upgrade Release
Meter Upgrade Bulletin


Light and Power Cord Reels
Lincoln’s Light-Duty Reels are ideal for home and small vehicle service shops and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Developed for vehicle maintenance and industrial environments, the Medium-Duty Reels may be mounted on the wall, ceiling or bench with three fixed-angle position steel mounting brackets. Lincoln’s Heavy-Duty Reels are ideal for vehicle maintenance and industrial environments, and can be wall-, ceiling- or bench-mounted.

Light and Power Cord Reels Release
Light and Power Cord Reels Brochure


Lincoln Introduces P653S Centro-Matic Plug-And-Play Pump
Lincoln has introduced its revolutionary new P653S Electric Centro-Matic Pump, the company’s first pump that includes a reservoir, pressure switch or transducer, vent valve, low level detect and controller in one compact unit. Developed for a broad range of applications, the unit’s all-in-one construction reduces system design and installation costs. Using Centro-Matic injectors, the integrated pump supplies lubricant to a single-line parallel lubrication system and pumps low- and high-viscosity greases, including NLGI grade 2 grease.

653 News Release
Lincoln 653 Pump Webpage


New PowerLuber Models - More Power and Capabilities
Lincoln has added two new PowerLubers to its popular family of grease guns. The new 18-volt and 120-volt PowerLubers each offer power, durability and convenience. Developed for heavy-duty applications, the 18-volt PowerLuber features a high-output motor and battery technologies that unite to provide outstanding run time. The grease gun delivers exceptional performance in high-pressure applications, and its two-speed transmission provides a high-volume grease flow option. The first of its kind in the industry, the 120-volt corded PowerLuber’s motor provides the highest torque values available. Ideal for filling grease reservoirs, the 120-volt grease gun is an excellent alternative to pneumatic lube tools.

PowerLuber 18V and 120V New Release
PowerLuber Family Brochure


Quicklub Pumps With RemoteLinc Capability
Lincoln has introduced its new P203 RemoteLinc™ pump for fleets using telematics. Designed to communicate with wireless systems, the unit combines the proven Quicklub® 203 pump with two independent outputs to link to telematics systems. Fleet managers now can be remotely notified when the lubricant reservoir is low so that they know when to dispatch a lube truck. The RemoteLinc P203 can also immediately alarm managers when the automatic lubrication system is in fault and a service technician must be contacted.

RemoteLinc Release
RemoteLinc Flyer


Lidless Reservoirs Available For Quicklub Pumps
Lincoln has introduced its new Quicklub Lidless Reservoirs for Model 203 and 233 pumps. Designed to promote good maintenance practices, the lidless reservoirs improve system performance by eliminating grease contamination through the removable lid. The reservoirs allow lubricant filling through the designated fill port only. This ensures that technicians and machine operators follow proper pump refill procedures.

Lidless Reservoir Release
Lidless Reservoir Flyer


New Pricing and Longer Warranty for Electronic Lube Meters
Lincoln has announced new pricing and a longer warranty period for its Series 980 Electronic Lube Meters.

Designed for vehicle maintenance, lube truck and industrial applications, the Model 980, 981 and 982 meters now are available at lower pricing with a special limited five-year warranty.

Revised Pricing and Warranty Release
Product Information Summary on 980


Lincoln Adds New Rotary Drum Pumps
Lincoln offers three new Professional Rotary Drum Pumps for reliable, no-mess fluid transfer in automotive, agricultural and construction applications. Models 1385 and 1385-H move oils, diesel, kerosene, coolant, non-corrosive materials, petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic oils and ATF, while FM-approved Model 1387 safely moves gasoline as well. In addition to outstanding vacuum capability, each self-priming pump features a graphite three-vane design for smooth fluid flow and no-splash fills. The high-tolerance, micro-finished bores and vanes provide maximum pump life, and the internal check of each pump prevents drain back and ensures immediate restarting. Each pump has a seal-tight telescoping pick-up tube with strainer for 16- to 55-gallon drums with a 2-inch bung. Model 1385-H and Model 1387 include a heavy-duty 8-foot by ¾-inch anti-static hose with non-sparking aluminum nozzle. Model 1387 also features a flame arrestor and anti-siphoning vacuum break.

Rotary Pump Release
Lincoln Rotary Pump Sales Bulletin


75-Foot Dual Support Hose Reel
Lincoln has introduced its new 75-Foot Dual Support Hose Reel. Utilizing the proven technology of Lincoln’s 94000DS series reels, this heavy-duty reel includes a dual arm and dual pedestal for added stability in demanding environments and the added feature of greater hose length. Its dual support from base to axle to roller outlet provides superior performance in applications with heavy vibration and impact.

75-Foot Dual Support Reel Release
75-Foor LFR Dual Support Reel Flyer


New Lincoln Wired Tank Monitoring System
Lincoln has introduced its new Wired Tank Monitor System for vehicle dealerships, municipalities and fleet garages. Designed to monitor fluid tank levels, the easy-to-install system features plug-and-play devices and offers several levels of information access. The Wired Tank Monitor System is suitable for use with a variety of fluids including all grades of motor oil, gear lubes, hydraulic oils, all grades of ATF and Dexron, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze and coolants (50/50 mixes and pure), diesel fuel and DEF/AdBlue. The system allows up to 10 control boxes for monitoring a total of 100 tanks.

Wired Tank Monitor Release
Wired Tank Monitor Flyer


Universal In-Line Digital Meter
Lincoln has introduced its new Universal Inline Digital Meters. Available with ½-inch or ¾-inch connections, the positive displacement oval gear meters provide a reliable method of measuring flow with exceptional repeatability and accuracy. The meters display resettable totals, as well as a non-resettable accumulative total, in gallons, liters or quarts.

In-Line Digital Meter Release
Universal In-Line Meter Sales Bulletin


Lincoln TechDocs
Lincoln recently introduced its easy-to-use Lincoln TechDocs document request service.

Available Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST, the service provides access to the company's latest service pages, product manuals, and exploded-view drawings.

Lincoln TechDocs Release
Lincoln TechDocs Bulletin


Lincoln's New LED Ready Lights
Lincoln has introduced two new “Ready Lights” for use with its LFC 5000 – the LED Surface Mount Dome Indicator Light and the LED Pilot Light. Both lights are UL listed, CE marked and TUV rated. With direct surface mounting via magnet or mounting holes, the LED Surface Mount Dome Indicator Light provides excellent visibility from the front and side.

LED Ready Light Release
LED Ready Light Sales Bulletin


Lincoln Offers High-Volume Grease Pumps
Lincoln has introduced its new High Volume PowerMaster Grease Pumps. Designed for the quick transfer of grease from drums and bulk containers, the 12:1 and 24:1 pumps are ideal for filling automatic lubrication system reservoirs, transferring grease to smaller containers and feeding measuring ejectors with restricted priming pressure.

The pumps offer positive priming with a shovel-type foot valve and provide 60 percent more output/stroke than Lincoln’s previous highest volume PowerMaster.

High-Volume Grease Pump Release
High-Volume Grease Pump Bulletin


Lincoln recently introduced its new LFC 5000 ADP Certified Interface for fluid inventory and control in vehicle maintenance facilities. Designed to accurately track the use of fluids, oils and greases, the system works with the dealer management system to improve productivity by allowing mechanics controlled access to lubricants and other fluids without leaving their bays.

LFC ADP New Release
LFC ADP Interface Flyer


Oil Rider Portable Tank, Pump and Meter
Lincoln is again offering Model 4481 Oil Rider Portable Tank with Pump and Meter for the automotive service market. Utilizing Lincoln's Model 4475 single-stroke pump, the Oil Rider provides for the fast, reliable transfer of natural and synthetic motors oils. The package has been upgraded to include the Lincoln 908EF meter to dispense in English or metric volumes. Developed to withstand harsh shop environments, the Oil Rider is constructed of high-strength, lightweight polyethylene that helps to protect the finish on customer vehicles when working in close quarters. Its high-capacity tank services as many as 25 vehicles between refills.

Oil Rider Release
Oil Rider Flyer


Lincoln Offers New Flexible-Line Grease Injection Tool
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 5807 Flexible-Line, Quick-Connect Grease Injection Tool which provides a safe and efficient method to lubricate difficult-to-access areas with hand grease guns. Ideal for automotive, agricultural and industrial applications, this tool is an effective alternative to common grease needles. Lincoln’s flexible line design keeps operator hands away from the needle when attaching and detaching the grease coupler and prevents needles from becoming bent or broken.

5807 News Release
5807 Flyer


Mityvac Announces New ATF Refill Adapters
Mityvac has introduced its MVA7216 ATF Refill Kit for use with its MV7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus. The new kit converts the fluid evacuator into a convenient system for refilling or topping off today’s sealed automatic transmissions.

Mityvac ATF Refill Release
Mityvac ATF Refill Flyer


New Mityvac® Selectline® Hand Vacuum/Pressure Pumps
Mityvac has introduced its model MV8000 Automotive Test & Bleed Kit and model MV8020 Brake Bleeding Kit for vehicle service professionals. Featuring its new generation of Selectline series pumps, the kits include essentials for one-person brake bleeding, as well as testing and diagnostics of vacuum and pressure-related engine systems. The redesigned Selectline series pumps reflect more than 30 years of diagnostic and service experience with improved features and comfort.

Mityvac Selectline News Release
Mityvac Selectline Flyer


New 6917 Air-Operated Portable Grease Pump Package
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 6917 Air-operated Portable Grease Pump Package for the vehicle service professional. Developed for light and heavy vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction equipment, this heavy-duty, double-acting pump delivers the same volume and pressure as more expensive pumps, but at an affordable price. Featuring Lincoln’s proven 50:1 double-acting grease pump, the package includes a grease control valve and universal swivel to improve access to hard-to-reach fittings. In addition, its four-wheel band dolly maneuvers easily around the shop. A standard metal follower plate with a flexible wiper edge cleans the 120-pound drum and helps prime the pump for efficient use of available grease. The Model 6917 is easy to use and operates quietly, improving the shop environment.

6917 News Release
6917 Flyer


Mityvac Upgrades Fluid Evacuators
Mityvac has announced improvements to its premium line of Fluid Evacuators. Models MV7201, MV7400 and MV7300 have been enhanced to increase performance and reliability. The fluid evacuators all feature an improved lid gasket design to prevent the chance of leakage between the lid and reservoir, and the sealing surface area has been increased to ensure an airtight seal during vacuum and pressure applications. The standard nuts used on the screws that clamp the reservoir lid have been replaced with self-locking nuts to prevent leaks. In addition, the overflow shutoff valve has been redesigned to thread into the evacuator lid instead of being glued. The new threaded connection maintains proper valve positioning.

Evacuator Upgrade Release
Mityvac Evacuator Enhancements Bulletin


Lincoln Introduces 708 and 712 Series Control Valves
Lincoln has introduced its new Series 708 and 712 Control Valves, complementing its existing line of superior products. Lightweight and well balanced, the control valves provide a working pressure of 1,500 psi and 8- and 12-GPM capabilities, respectively. Both products feature a guarded full-hand trigger and the option of rigid or flexible extensions. The 708 comes with an auto nozzle and ½-inch inlet thread while the 712 utilizes a semi-auto nozzle and ¾-inch inlet thread. The 708RSF was designed for use with windshield wiper fluid. Both Series 708 and 712 Control Valves feature a five-year warranty and come with Lincoln’s world-class support.

708 and 712 Series News Release
708 and 712 Series Flyer


New I-Beam Clamp For Mounting LFR Reels
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 85654 I-Beam Mounting Kit as an alternative to drilling and welding when securing its Series 94000 Hose Reels to I-Beams. Designed to facilitate easy reel location, the kit reduces installation cost and time. The Model 85654 allows for perpendicular or parallel mounting to the beams and provides performance equal to that of direct fastening. The kit features a five-year warranty and comes with Lincoln’s world-class support.

I-Beam Clamp Release
I-Beam Clamp Sales Bulletin


New Mityvac Silverline Elite Hand Pump
Mityvac has introduced its new MV8500 Silverline Elite Automotive Test Kit for the vehicle service industry. The kit’s new hand pump combines 35 years of auto diagnostic experience with advanced performance and comfort. The tool produces vacuum along with pressure at twice its previous output to meet the industry’s latest requirements. The MV8500 performs engine performance diagnostics, brake bleeding, fluid transfer, evacuation, sampling, windshield repair and more.

MV8500 New Product News Release
MV8500 and MV8510 Intro Flyer


New Lincoln Impact Fitting Cleaner
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 5805 Impact Fitting Cleaner as a time-saving alternative to fitting replacement and joint disassembly. Designed to eliminate downtime caused by dried blockages, the Impact Fitting Cleaner clears obstructions by allowing lightweight oil or solvents to enter the clog with a quick burst of pressure. The Model 5805 also cleans bearing and joint surfaces of hardened grease so that fresh grease can be applied.

5805 News Release
5805 Intro Flyer


12-volt Reel 'n Flow Pump and Reel Kit
Lincoln has introduced its new fully integrated 12 VDC Reel-n-Flow Pump and Reel Kit. Designed to meet the demands of mobile service equipment applications, the kit is comprised of Lincoln’s 12 VDC FlowMaster® Pump and its LFR High-Pressure Hose Reel.

12V Reel 'n Flow Release
12V Reel 'n Flow Flyer


Lincoln Offers New Drains
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 3617 and Model 3618 Used Fluid Drains. Designed for use in shops with diaphragm pump or centralized evacuation systems, the drains were built to perform under heavy use. The 3617 Used Antifreeze Drain and 3618 Used Fluid Drain have a male ¾-inch cam and groove connector located on top of the tank to provide a quick, clean connection to a shop’s used fluid evacuation system and to reduce the chance of spills. Other features include a 20-gallon (75-liter) capacity tank, heavy-duty steel construction and an extra-large 18-inch offset drain bowl with oil filter screen.

3617 and 3618 News Release
3617 and 3618 Bulletin


Mityvac has introduced its new MVA6837 Brake Bleed Reservoir Kit. Ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, the kit is designed to capture used brake fluid from the bleed screw during manual, pressure or gravity brake bleeding applications.The MVA6837 includes a 40-ounce reservoir, universal bleed adapter with hose and a hanging hook. The kit is available immediately from Mityvac.

MVA6837 Release
MVA6837 Sales Bulletin


Mityvac has introduced its new MVA5610 and MVA5624 Diesel Compression Test Adapters for Ford (Power Stroke 6.0L and Navistar/International VT365 6.0L)and Mercedes (MBE 900 and MBE 4000) engines. Developed for use with Mityvac diesel compression testers, the MVA5610 Glow Plug Adapter and MVA5624 Injector Adapter also are compatible with Snap-On® and Star Products® brand diesel compression testers.

Diesel Compression Adapter Release
Compression Adapter Sales Bulletin


Lincoln has introduced a new line of Dual-inlet, Air-operated, Double-diaphragm (AODD) Pumps for continuous use in heavy-duty vehicle service and industrial applications. Originally developed for antifreeze/water mixtures, the pumps dispense other light fluids compatible with Buna-N, aluminum and/or polypropylene. The AODD Pumps feature dual inlets to mix and dispense two fluid products in a 50:50 ratio. Available in ½-inch and 1-inch sizes, the pumps can meet the volume needs of many specific applications.

AODD Release
AODD Sales Bulletin


Lincoln has introduced its new Mini Workbench Reel for air/water or oil applications. The narrowest in its class, this compact hose reel has a 5-1/4-inch width and 14-inch spool, making it easy to install under workbenches or in cabinets. The Mini Workbench Reel’s 1-inch quality spring provides reliable, consistent performance and retractability. Its integrated swivel stem and shaft design makes servicing the reel a simple task. Made in the United States and featuring a five-year warranty, the unit has a high-gloss, UV-resistant powder coat finish to reduce scuffs and impact marks.

Mini Bench Reel Release
Mini Bench Reel Flyer


Lincoln Announces New Dual Support Hose Reels
Lincoln has introduced its new Dual Support Hose Reel. Utilizing the proven technology of Lincoln’s 94000 Series reels, this heavy-duty reel includes a dual arm, dual axle and dual base for added stability in demanding environments. The support arm’s three-point bolt design allows for easy hosing of the reel at installation and offers instant access to the reel’s working parts. Its dual support from base to axle to roller outlet provides superior performance in applications with heavy vibration and impact.

News Release Dual Support Reel
Sales Flyer Dual Support Reels


New Lincoln Meters
Lincoln has introduced its new 8 GPM and 12 GPM Fluid Meter Series featuring a unique design to allow exceptionally high flow rates. Coupled with high 1,500 psi operating pressure, these meters reduce dispense time while improving productivity and user safety. The Fluid Meter Series enhances safety with working pressures 50 percent higher than other meters. Offered in electronic and mechanical models, the meters are available with rigid or flexible hose extensions and feature an ergonomic design for operator comfort. All units have a ball-bearing swivel and a removable filter screen to capture contaminants. In addition, the Fluid Meters are covered by a five-year warranty.

New Meters Release
New Meter Brochure


Lincoln's New 1340 Lever-Action Pump
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 1340 Lever Action Barrel Pump for automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. The unit’s extended pump body improves top-of-barrel clearance while providing a 14.0 fluid ounce minimum flow per stroke. The 1340 features a removable, non-drip spout that, when removed, reveals a threaded hose connection. The telescoping pick-up tube fits 16- to 55-gallon drums. Its three-tier threaded bung fits standard 2-inch and 1.5-inch drums and plastic drums utilizing 56 x 4mm buttress threads.

1340 News Release
1340 Flyer


Lincoln has introduced its new Model 3601 Used Fluid Receiver. Featuring a durable, all-steel design and reinforced caster supports, the unit was developed to provide a safe, affordable option for draining, transferring and evacuating motor oils, as well as transmission and power steering fluids. The Model 3601 offers excellent mobility, easy bowl positioning and simple-to-use pressurized evacuation. The dependable unit has a 14-inch telescoping bowl that can be adjusted from 45 to 72 inches high, and its 18-gallon tank includes a preset air regulator that allows the use of standard shop air up to 150 psi. The receiver includes a safety valve and a reinforced dispensing hose that doubles as a sight gauge to prevent overfilling.

3601 News Release
3601 Flyer


Lincoln Offers New 1162 Air-Powered Grease Gun
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 1162 Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun to simplify the task of lubrication. Designed with a variable speed trigger, the gun provides superior flow control with the convenience of fully automatic operation. The Model 1162 features a patented pump design that ensures uninterrupted grease flow, and its ergonomic styling provides comfort and balance.

1162 News Release
1162 Sales Flyer


Lincoln Announces a New Line of PMV Pumps
Lincoln has introduced its new line of PMV Lubrication Pumps. Featuring a unique, modular design, these pumps provide exceptional performance, long service life and low cost of ownership. Offered in 3-inch and 4.25-inch diameters, the PMV Pumps are available in oil and grease models for stationary installations, as well as portable applications. The PMV line combines decades of Lincoln design leadership with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to offer a superior pump with distinct advantages.

PMV Release
PMV Catalog


Reel 'n Flow Pump and Reel Kit
Lincoln offers its new Reel-N-Flow Pump and Reel Kit to meet the demands of off-road equipment lubrication. Designed to provide quick, efficient machine lubrication, the kit increases equipment life significantly and can be used as a “lube truck” for other equipment on the job site.

Reel 'n Flow News Release
Reel 'n Flow Introduction Flyer


SSV-D Adjustable Divider Valves
SSV-D: Easy adjustment of lubricant output with Lincoln metering screw technology. SSV-D metering devices are adjustable per outlet pair, thus enabling lubricant requirements to be better met. The metering occurs within the block via metering screws that are available in ten different outputs (sold separately). The outputs of the progressive metering device can be easily set, even after installation. Simply put in a different size metering screw! Tedious reassembly of entire metering device segments is a thing of the past. The SSV-D can be integrated into systems using standard SSV metering devices. Both metering device types also use the same components such as piston detector and outlet closure plugs. (Models 649-29535-1, 649-29545-1, 649-29536-1, 649-29546-1, 649-29537-1, 649-29547-1, 649-29538-1, 649-29548-1, 649-29539-1, 649-29549-1, 649-29627-1, 649-29635-1, 649-29628-1, 649-29636-1, 649-29629-1, 649-29637-1)

See how a SSV-D adjustable divider valve works.

SSV-D News Release
SSV-D Introduction Literature


New PowerLuber 14.4 Battery-Operated Grease Gun
Lincoln has introduced its new PowerLuber 14.4-volt, cordless grease gun. Designed for virtually any lubrication application, this professional quality tool features a two-speed switch for high-pressure or high-volume delivery and a cycle indicator pin to monitor grease output. The PowerLuber’s long-lasting 14.4-volt battery provides maximum working time between recharges, and its “Smart” charging system recognizes battery condition when not in use and keeps the battery fully charged. PowerLuber’s balanced design and padded grip provide operator comfort during use, and its heavy-duty compact case is molded from impact- and stain-resistant plastic. (Models 1442, 1444, 1401, 1410, 1414 and 1415A.)

PowerLuber 14.4 News Release
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Lincoln 3614 Makes Handling Fluid Simple
Lincoln has introduced its Model 3614 Pressurized Used Oil Drain for vehicle fluid handling applications. Developed for use by automotive and fleet maintenance professionals, its heavy-gauge steel construction provides durability and ease of use. The 3614 features an extra-large, 18-inch offset bowl that lets the technician catch fluid without repositioning the tank. The unit’s telescopic bowl adjustment range of 44 to 72 inches provides flexibility for varying vehicle requirements and its unique valve setup allows evacuation with the bowl set at any height. The 3614’s low-profile design is extremely stable and easy to maneuver. Its large, 20-gallon capacity averages 15-20 vehicles before tank evacuation, and the unit’s fixed air regulator allows use of standard shop air. A protected sight gauge makes fluid level monitoring easy and a pop-off valve provides added safety. In addition, the 3614 features a reinforced discharge hose and a hose hanger built into the bowl.

3614 News Release
3614 Flyer


Value Series Retractable Hose Reel
Lincoln has introduced its Value Series Model 83753 and Model 83754 retractable air hose reels. These durable reels feature heavy-duty rubber air hoses and all-steel reel assembly. Both reels have eight-position ratchet gearing that locks the reel at the desired hose length and a slotted mounting base for easy attachment to ceilings, walls or work benches. Designed for long-lasting ease of use, the Models 83753 and 83754 have an auto-rewind feature and spring-powered automatic recoil. Each unit provides 300-psi capacity with a maximum airflow of 25 cubic feet per minute.

New Air Reel News Release
Lincoln’s New Air Hose Reel