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1390 Stainless Steel Lift-Action Multi-Fluid Pump
APPLICATIONS: • Vehicle Service, Agriculture, Construction, Industrial FEATURES: • DEF Compatible • Premium Alloy 316 • Use with ATF, PS fluid, Windshield washer, Acetone, Thinners, Solvents, Hydraulic oils, • 20 oz/stroke • 2” Dual-thread adjustable bung • Fits most 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums (plastic and steel) • Graphic package design supporting Retail display INCLUDES: • Grounding post • Curved stainless steel outlet spout • Stroke adjustment tubes

1390 Stainless Steel Lift-Action Multi-Fluid Pump
1390 Stainless Steel Lift-Action Multi-Fluid Pump


1880 20v Li-Ion PowerLuber
Lincoln has introduced its PowerLuber series 1880 grease gun for multiple lubrication applications. Featuring a redesigned, high-torque powerhead, the two-speed motor delivers grease at up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) in both high- and low-output settings.

Powered by an efficient, 20-volt, lithium-ion battery, the PowerLuber utilizes a multifunction liquid crystal display (LCD) to accurately indicate standard readings such as battery level and grease flow (ounces or grams). In addition, the LCD’s flow meter detects the loss of prime, eliminating false readings to help ensure that the equipment being serviced is properly lubricated.

The rugged grease gun’s new three-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for easy handling without being bulky. This feature allows access to tight areas and reduces operator fatigue when lubricating simple-to-reach fittings. Also, the tool has a convenient built-in light emitting diode (LED) to illuminate the work area.

1880 20v Li-Ion PowerLuber Release
1880 20v Li-Ion PowerLuber Brochure


G103 Compact Grease Gun
Lincoln has introduced its new model G103 grease gun. Developed for low-volume greasing applications, this tool is ideal for do-it-yourself auto repair, lawn and garden, ATV, marine, motorcycle and trailer applications.

Unlike other 3-ounce (85 g) models, the G103 incorporates the traditional lever-action design, which provides better handling and output pressure up to 6,000 psi (414 bar). The lightweight grease gun features a jam-proof handle mechanism, cast-aluminum head, powder-coated barrel and a comfortable vinyl grip.

G103 Compact Grease Gun Release
G103 Compact Grease Gun Brochure


Lincoln FlowMaster II Pump
Lincoln has introduced its new FlowMaster II Pump which features increased pump life and simplified installation, operation and service. The result of years of design and performance improvements makes the FlowMaster II an ideal choice for single-line, parallel lubrication systems.

The pump’s strengthened crankcase is common for all FlowMaster motors and is designed to mount the pumps on top of the reservoir. Pump and reservoir combination models are level-sensor and shut-off system ready. Other crankcase improvements include a four-bolt hole pattern for all FlowMaster motors, dual-bearing load support, O-ring seals for all motors and compatibility with existing reservoirs.

Lincoln FlowMaster II Release
Lincoln FlowMaster II Brochure


Lincoln HTL201 Continuous Hydraulic Lube Pump
Lincoln has introduced its new Model HTL 201US Continuous Hydraulic Lubrication Pump. Developed to minimize friction and wear on small series hydraulic hammers from 650 pounds (295 kg) and heavier, the pump is suitable for additional hydraulic attachments including claws, shears and mini excavators.

The compact HTL 201US pump can be mounted directly on the hammer or other attachment for continuous lubrication while the device is operating. It remains with the tool requiring lubrication, even if the carrier unit is exchanged. The reliable pump uses standard 14.5-ounce (410 g) grease or paste cartridges up to NLGI Class 2 or can be bulk filled with its built-in refilling adapter. For convenience, the HTL 201US features a low-level indicator that alerts the operator when lubricant needs to be refilled.

Lincoln HTL201 Release
Lincoln HTL201 Flyer


Centro-Matic Grease Filter
Lincoln has introduced a new Grease Filter for its renowned Centro-Matic System. The high-pressure, high-flow filter was designed for mining, off-highway and industrial applications and promotes cost-effective preventative maintenance.

The filter features a red indicator pin that is triggered when the filter element is nearly clogged. If the element becomes completely blocked, the grease will safely vent to the atmosphere, preventing contaminated grease from entering the reservoir.

Centro-Matic Grease Filter Release
Centro-Matic Grease Filter Brochure


FlowMaster Level Detect Sensor
Lincoln has introduced its new FlowMaster Grease Level Sensor and Overflow Prevention System. Together, the advanced grease level gauge design with optional automatic overflow shut-off valve system is unique to the industry and can help to eliminate dangerous and costly overfills.

The system senses the follower position in the reservoir and sends a signal to the grease level gauge, which can be mounted at the fill station. The level indicator signal also can be integrated into on-board systems.

FlowMaster Level Detect Release
FlowMaster Level Detect Brochure


Lincoln 91035 Heavy-duty LED Light Cord Reel
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 91035 Heavy-duty LED Light Cord Reel, which features high-intensity LED technology combined with the reliability of superior reel construction. Designed to provide easy access to light and power where needed, the new reel provides efficiency, convenience and long service life.

91035 LED Light Cord Reel Release
91035 LED Light Cord Reel Brochure


18-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber
Lincoln has introduced its new 18-Volt, Lithium-Ion PowerLuber developed for maintenance professionals. The most advanced grease gun in its class, the 18-Volt PowerLuber features an LCD display that indicates grease dispensed, cartridge level, charge level and more.

Click Here to view a video detailing features and benefits of the 18v Li-Ion PowerLuber.

18v LiIon PowerLuber Release
18v LiIon PowerLuber Brochure


2nd-Gen Electronic Meters and Control Valves
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 716 and 916 Series Digital Meters and Control Valves for vehicle maintenance, lube truck and industrial applications. In addition, the Lincoln brand now offers its new Model 814 and Model 817 Inline Meters.

2nd-Gen Meters and Control Valves Release
2nd-Gen Meters and Control Valves Sales Bulletin


ALS Reservoir Fill System
Lincoln has introduced its new ALS Fill Pump Kits for quickly filling automatic lubrication system reservoirs in lube truck, shop or plant applications.

Developed for small- to medium-sized reservoirs, these kits feature Lincoln’s high-volume PMV 25:1 pumps which deliver grease up to three times faster than similar 50:1 pumps.

ALS Fill Pump Kit Release
ALS Fill Pump Kit Brochure


1013 Professional Series Grease Gun
Lincoln introduces the Model 1013 Professional Series Grease Gun for multiple applications. Featuring a large-bore design, the grease gun delivers twice as much grease per stroke as a standard grease gun, reducing lubrication time by up to 50 percent.

The high flow rate comes without sacrificing the tool’s high-pressure capabilities. The pin placement and unique drive angle enable the user to build pressures of up to 7,000 psi. The Model 1013’s multi-port pickup and 360-degree rotating rigid extension allow for easy greasing in hard-to-reach areas. The Model 1013's plated steel barrel, head and handle provide long-lasting good looks.

1013 Professional Series Grease Gun Release
1013 Flyer